The Slow Fashion Directory

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Relove, Revive, Resell

What does this mean?

Relove: Fall in love all over again with the items already in your wardrobe. Look at your clothing with fresh eyes, what did you love about them at one time? What other outfits can you use your creativity to make with this that you haven’t thought of before?

Revive: How can you give a new lease of life to items already in your wardrobe? Can you replace the buttons with something more fun? Can you or someone you know repair or alter the item?

Resell: If it’s no longer for you, maybe someone else will love that item! Why not donate, give to a friend or sell on eBay, Depop, Vinted or Poshmark!

But if you do buy new – let’s…

Shop Slow or Shop Small

Shop Small: Don’t forget to shop with small business owners and artisan makers e.g. on Etsy or at local markets!

Shop Slow: Below you can find the Slow Fashion Brand Directory! There’s even a Basics section – these can often be the most tempting items to shop fast for!

Slow fashion is a more sustainable method of clothing production that involves ethical production processes and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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Casual & Comfy

Lucy & Yak

Committed to comfort, but not compromising on style, a mid-range price makes Lucy & Yak a more accessible sustainable brand. Look for dungarees, jeans and comfy trousers here!

Again & Again

London based brand that uses screen printing to give garments a new life. Look for fun, bright prints, colourful jumpers and unique denim items here!


A US-based company devoted to ensuring fair wages are paid to garment workers and provide full transparency about this. ABLE are very size inclusive, stocking XXS-3XL. Look for shirts, jumpers and basics here!


High quality, made to measure matching sets. Look for bespoke items or accessories here!

Fancy & Formal


Pretty dresses and super fancy pyjamas. Sleeper is at the pricier end, but the quality is also very high! Look for lounge sets with feather trims that can be worn anywhere or long, airy summer dresses here!

Cnstnce Boutique

Special made-to-order pieces. Look for pretty summer dresses here!

Charlotte Simone

London-based designer producing small-batch collections that only go on sale for one week, but are produced ethically. Look for fur trim coats here!


Ethically produced clothing brand based in London, creating a wide variety of vegan slow fashion. Look for smart blouses and tops, evening dresses and even lounge sets here!

Vintage Style

The Hippie Shake

A 70s theme vintage reproduction brand that create beautiful collections inspired by different musical legends. Also genuine vintage items are available. Look for flares, bold dresses and one-of-a-kind boots here!

The Chain Designs

Groovy 70s style handmade items. Look for retro style t-shirts, floral skrits and matching co-ords here!

Miracle Eye

Made-to-order, family run business producing funky 70s style clothing. Look for bright dresses, colourful jumpsuits and matching accessories here!

British Retro

Small 50s style collections handmade in the UK. Look for beautiful dresses and formalwear here!


Modi Bodi

Underwear and swimwear brand producing ethically made items that reduce the environmental impact of disposable period products. Look for period underwear and swimwear here!

Organic Basics

Centralising sustainability in their production, and even running a low impact website. Look for basic t-shirts, vests, leggings and joggers here!

Green Treat

Suuuuper soft bamboo items. Look for socks, underwear and loungewear here!


Recycled fabric and conscious production of activewear. Look for leggings and sports bras here!

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