The End of an Aura?

Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and Archival Materiality. A presentation for The New School Parsons, Paris Fashion Heritage and Media research symposium held on 29th April 2022. Keywords: aura, archive, materiality, fashion, communication, social media, photography Abstract A 15-minute talk exploring the notion of the aura, as definedContinue reading “The End of an Aura?”

Dress and the feminine-grotesque

A discussion of taste and shame in fashion in relation to the perception of the feminine-grotesque in Richard Billingham’s work. In Ray’s a Laugh, Billingham’s mother, Liz, serves as a visual representation of many white working-class women. The working class materialised as a social label through middle-class interpretations, conceived by their desire to maintain socialContinue reading “Dress and the feminine-grotesque”