Slut-Shaming and the Miniskirt

Summary An exploration of the discourse surrounding women’s bodily autonomy and choice of dress in relation to the miniskirt and its invention in the 1960s. The essay includes background on the historical context of the original design, as well as a critical discussion on society’s perception of women who choose to wear miniskirts. The implicationsContinue reading “Slut-Shaming and the Miniskirt”

Dress and the feminine-grotesque

A discussion of taste and shame in fashion in relation to the perception of the feminine-grotesque in Richard Billingham’s work. In Ray’s a Laugh, Billingham’s mother, Liz, serves as a visual representation of many white working-class women. The working class materialised as a social label through middle-class interpretations, conceived by their desire to maintain socialContinue reading “Dress and the feminine-grotesque”